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Our antimicrobial phone case
protects You and
Your phone

Copper-based adhesive tape
with numerous application

Our transparent antimicrobial adhesive foil protects surfaces and displays, with full touchscreen functionality.

How does copper keep surfaces clean?

Source: Journal of applied Microbiologie,

Contact Killing

A: Copper detaches from the surface and causes initial cell damage.
B: The cell membrane ruptures due to stress caused by copper.
C: Copper ions lead to the formation of ROS and thus to intracellular cell damage.
D: Nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) are degraded.

The special copper alloy breaks down the cell wall of viruses, germs, fungi and bacteria and destroys the genome. The RNA and DNA are destroyed, preventing the virus from mutating or developing resistance to copper.

Copper vs. Sars-Cov-2

Our Cu-Products do not give SARS-COV-2 any chance of survival.

The effect is permanent and not only temporary, as with disinfectants or UV-radiation.

Within 1 hour up to 80% of the virus strains are eliminated. After 4 hours there is no trace left of Sars-Cov-2.

Source: The New England Journal of Medicine
Source: PhD Thesis - Antimicrobial Probierties of Copper

Ultimate Cleaning Device

Our Cu-Products are effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, germs and fungi.

Due to this effect, our products become an all-purpose weapon against pathogens.



Proven to eliminate 99,9% of all bacteria, viruses, germs and fungi
(ISO 22196)


Cu-Products can be used for any purpose. We will create a
proper solution for your business.


Severall studies, EU-Research papers and PHD Thesis prove the antimicrobial effect of CU.


Our certified alloy leads to a noble design. This clearly indicates which area is antimicrobial.


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// Dissertation

150 pages of analysis on the exact effect of copper surfaces using „ontact killing and ionic disposition.

// Süddeutsche-Zeitung

Copper highlighted as the best material against the current corona virus.

// EU-Researchpaper

Targeted use of copper can prevent the spread of viruses and bacterias.