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// 2017 - The Idea

The Basic Component

In 2017, Dennis Gerdts, a mechatronics student at the time, develops the first prototype. Copper is selected as the essential basic element. Due to the antimicrobial properties of copper, viruses, bacteria, germs and fungi cannot survive on the surface. This effect has been known since ancient Egypt and has been forgotten since the invention of penicilin. The focus must no longer be solely on treating an infection, but above all on preventing it.
// 2018 - The Beginning

CuCase was created

In summer 2018, Marco Juelke and Dennis Gerdts join forces as a team. The first prototypes were created and the first partnerships were formed. The name CuCase is born. The Cu stands for copper in the periodic table of the elements and is considered the essential symbol for our antimicrobial products. The term Case shows that our cover protects both you and your cell phone.
// 2019 - The Team

The three founders

In August 2019 Anton Dobler becomes part of the team. Together with the Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences, the Founders‘ Campus and ITC1, the first steps towards founding a company were taken. In November 2019 the product CuCase was presented for the first time at the TH Deggendorf and further surveys were initiated.

// 2020 - The company

CuConcepts was founded

At the beginning of 2020 the company CuConcepts was founded. The name CuCase was entered into the trademark register. Various antimicrobial products were developed. Our products are no al remedy, but demonstrably contribute to the reduction of viruses, bacteria, germs and fungi.


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